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January 15th, 2014 Todd Blackledge signed the Petition for Joe Paterno!!!

October 17th, 2013 Sue Paterno signed the Petition for her husband Joe Paterno!!!

October 3rd, 2013 Andrew Pitz #40 signed the Petition for Joe Paterno!

September 12th, 2013 O.J. McDuffie signed the Petition for Joe Paterno!

January 24th, 2012 Scott Lefko #58 Became the first PSU player to sign the Petition for Joe Paterno!

Added a New page for Nittany Lions who have signed the Petition!

Paul Levine Class of 1969 - Daily Collegian Editor-in-Chief 68-69 and 2003 Distinguished Alumnus signed the Petition for Joe Paterno!

Check out Paul's Link on the Signer's Business Link Page. He is a Writer!

Paterno Photo Gallery is now active:

 We have 4 Black & White Galleries.

We have 6 Best of Joe Galleries.

 We have 3 Sue Paterno Galleries.

Jay Paterno Gallery 1 Just Added!

Paterno Library page has now been added to the website.

33 Video Clips of Joe Paterno are now online in the Paterno Video Gallery.

Click on the Logo below to find a city listing where this Documentary is playing. It's well worth your time!


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Blake Tobias and Jay Paterno at The 2012 Blue/White Game.


Mohrsville PA, January 15th, 2014: I had the pleasure of messaging back and forth to one of the great players to lead his Penn State teammates to battle back in the early 80's. I have to be truthful, I have been hounding Todd Blackledge for over a year on Twitter, and I became very frustrated when I didn't get an answer back from him when I requested if he would sign the petition for Joe. I even took a few jabs at him personally saying that I guess he didn't care enough about Joe, or Penn State to sign his name, and also accusing him of not doing more to help in the fight to restore Joe's name, and also restore all that has been lost for everyone at Penn State.

The big picture is I was only seeing my little picture, after all Todd has thousands of followers on Twitter, where as I have just broken into the 190 category. Likely he didn't even see my posts to him, or at least that is what I would like to tell myself. The first thing I did was apologize, and then I apologized quite a few more times, telling Todd that I myself was set straight about how much he has done behind the scenes, and still is doing for Joe. Scott Paterno sent me a message, yes Scott and I frequent private messages on Twitter, we are like I told him once, two big guys who have feelings like everyone else, because many times we both are bombarded with haters throwing trash at us when we are talking about Joe, or even Penn State in our Tweets. The big guys label I'm talking about doesn't mean tall either, I'm not sure, but I think I'm taller than Scott, as I am a tic over 6'1, but anyway it means our weight which people even throw that into occasional rants against us.

Getting back to Todd, Scott gave me a run down of what I didn't know about Todd, but let's just sum it up without going into personal details by saying he has a family, and a job, and that job is in the media, for better or for worse, Todd has to play the middle of the field so to say, you can't be in the media and lean one way on any issue, I know it, you know it, we all know it, and even if it's hard for us to accept, that's what he has to do, even when it comes to defending Joe Paterno, he has to march lightly. I respect him so much for what he is doing, and if you think he hasn't done anything for the cause, well, like me at one point, you are way out of bounds.

Todd joins the list now making 13 Letterman who played for Joe Paterno that I can confirm that have signed the petition. If you know of any other Letterman who you can ask, please send them an email, send them a tweet, write them a letter, because I know deep down in my heart many more will sign and join us the fans and Alumni in being part of this great cause. Thank you Todd! WE ARE....

I would like to take a few moments and personally thank some very special individuals who have been with me since day one of when I started this petition. The amount of personal time and dedication to making sure that we garner the goal of 61,000 signatures is due large in part to these few standouts, some of whom are my family, and some of whom are now considered by me to be part of my family. These are the people who will be with me hand in hand the day that our 61,000 signatures get presented to the PSU Board of Trustees, and they will also be with me at the first "Official" game to be held at Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium..


Carol Zacher, whom I met online when I started this petition, and who remained with me all the way until the last person signed, and who remains united with me today in our quest to honor Joe Paterno. Carol and I finally met in person at the 2012 Blue/White game, where thanks to her Son, we had a motor home to set up our tables, collect signatures, and of course be a part of the PSU crowd of tailgaters. Carol was also busy at home where she collected almost 1,000 signatures in her home town and sent them to me a pile at a time in the mail, talk about going the extra mile!  Thank you so much Carol, I could have not done this without you and all of your support, to me you're a just like a second mother, and part of my family.


Art Greenwald, whom I also met online, and who lives in Florida logged many months and endless hours spreading the word to have people sign the petition. Florida it turns out became one of the higher state counts with signatures, and I owe that to Art. He was always there for me, fielding my phone calls when times were tough at 2am and giving me the words of support that I needed to keep the faith. Thank you Art, you are a shinning light of what great people that The Penn State University has produced, and I'm proud to have you as a dear friend.


Blake Tobias Jr., what can I say about my Son, he spent countless hours on the phone calling every news agency in the United States, and I mean it. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, ESPN, FOX, BIG TEN, COMCAST, and a ton of online and sold as print newspaper publications. He would come home from school and go right to work, in his room making calls and lining up interviews, for TV, or on the radio, or internet. I can honestly say Blake put our petition word out to people across the country like no one else. I might have done the interviews, but he did the leg work and deserves some major credit. Thank you Blake for all that you did for the petition.

Wendy Tobias, my wife who has so much on her plate took time that she really didn't have to help give me the resources that I needed to set up the signing event at the Blue/White game in 2012. She put together the printed pages needed, combined with purchasing clipboards, pens, portable tables, and chairs so that we could work toward finishing the goal of collecting 61,000 signatures. She flagged down non other than Jay Paterno, who signed the petition, and then while waiting for her to take a photo of Jay and I together joked and said, "I'm glad she isn't in charge of saving some bodies life", because it took her a few minutes to get the camera ready to say cheese. Wendy spent the day walking around to many tailgating areas and collected a large amount of signatures. Thank you so much, I love you more then words can say.

Damie Larson, who is married to one of my childhood best friends. Damie pushed me to find a way to make the petition official on the first day that I had started it on facebook. I took her words to heart and did some research and set the petition up online through Thank you Damie, if I would have waited to make an official petition for everyone to sign we could have ended up loosing 1,000's of signatures because people thought just by signing on facebook would be enough. This is why we have the 61,000 signatures with, online, which is documented and will be presented when the time is right.

Finally, Thank you to everyone that helped spread the word, the links, gathering signatures, being a part of what will one day become History. This is for the Honor and Dignity that Joe Paterno gave to Penn State for 61 years, and that is why no other school can say: WE ARE.....

Penn State, February 8th, 2013: The following download is a letter to all Penn State Letterman from Sue Paterno detailing just how wrong things were handled over a year ago at Penn State. I encourage all of you to read the letter, as it is well written, thought out and delivers the message that we are not going away until all the wrongs are put right. You can download a copy of the original letter below by using either link provided, using Word format, or Adobe PDF format.



Penn State, February 9th, 2013: The King and Spalding Critique of The Freeh Report:

"The Rush to Injustice Regarding Joe Paterno"

Can be downloaded below using Adobe PDF format. This is the complete report.



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