I would like to personally take the time to Welcome every person that has shown Support for Joe Paterno in some way, shape, or form over the span of his entire career at Penn State. If not for the presence of Joe Paterno for 61 years at the University, things would have never changed for the betterment of all students who have graced the campus during his tenure. Millions of dollars were donated back to the University in order to give all students the tools, and first class facilities that they needed in order to stand apart from other college programs. This petition is a way for the fans, previous alumni, current alumni, and anyone who knows how much Joe Paterno has meant to Penn State as a way of giving something back to him.

We cannot turn back the hand of time,

But we must also never forget from where we came! Is today going to be better, or worse, only we can answer that now, one thing for sure is that things will never be the same. I know some have questioned, or expressed your thoughts that "Joe would not have wanted a field named after him". They have their opinion and I respect that, but let's look at it on the other side of the line, we have obtained our goal and 61,000 signatures that say "we want the field named after Joe", because like myself, we want a way of keeping the memory of Joe Paterno at Beaver Stadium during every home Saturday game that will be played in the future.


Joe wanted the Library named in honor of his wife, Sue, and we all know that is set in place, and students will forever remember Joe, and Sue Paterno when they use the Library on the Campus at State College. We want the field, which has never been officially named after anyone to be recognized, and put into place forever as being, "Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium", so that generations of football fans can say I remember watching Joe run onto the field, or I was at this game when Joe and those boys handed a licking to that other college.


If you are wondering what the Paterno Family has to say in regards to this petition, well I have an answer for all of you, as it came directly from Scott Paterno in an email, and his response was, "

"If penn staters want to rename the stadium after joe (or as I understand adding "Paterno Field at " to it) that is a tremendous honor. If it is important to penn staters we have no objection".


If you signed our petition, you are 1 of the 61,000 who will go down as being part of History. I thank all of you who have signed, from around the World. The next step is the most important, and that will be having this petition become a reality. The tides are changing, and each day as more facts come out that Joe Paterno played no part in any cover up at PSU, we will make sure that this petition gets carried out, and the name "Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium" will be a part of Penn State History for ever.


God Bless, Petition Founder,