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Mohrsville PA, April 9th, 2014: It's always a great day when I get to post yet another milestone in our march towards honoring Joe Paterno by having the field in Beaver Stadium named after the legendary coach. How fitting was it that we hit the 64,000 signature mark on non other than "Joe Paterno 409 Day", which was being celebrated throughout not only the United States, but World Wide, as I received many emails from various Penn Staters who live abroad but who keep a constant watch on all things Paterno, and Penn State.


Mohrsville PA, January 15th, 2014: I had the pleasure of messaging back and forth to one of the great players to lead his Penn State teammates to battle back in the early 80's. I have to be truthful, I have been hounding Todd Blackledge for over a year on Twitter, and I became very frustrated when I didn't get an answer back from him when I requested if he would sign the petition for Joe. I even took a few jabs at him personally saying that I guess he didn't care enough about Joe, or Penn State to sign his name, and also accusing him of not doing more to help in the fight to restore Joe's name, and also restore all that has been lost for everyone at Penn State.

The big picture is I was only seeing my little picture, after all Todd has thousands of followers on Twitter, where as I have just broken into the 190 category. Likely he didn't even see my posts to him, or at least that is what I would like to tell myself. The first thing I did was apologize, and then I apologized quite a few more times, telling Todd that I myself was set straight about how much he has done behind the scenes, and still is doing for Joe. Scott Paterno sent me a message, yes Scott and I frequent private messages on Twitter, we are like I told him once, two big guys who have feelings like everyone else, because many times we both are bombarded with haters throwing trash at us when we are talking about Joe, or even Penn State in our Tweets. The big guys label I'm talking about doesn't mean tall either, I'm not sure, but I think I'm taller than Scott, as I am a tic over 6'1, but anyway it means our weight which people even throw that into occasional rants against us.

Getting back to Todd, Scott gave me a run down of what I didn't know about Todd, but let's just sum it up without going into personal details by saying he has a family, and a job, and that job is in the media, for better or for worse, Todd has to play the middle of the field so to say, you can't be in the media and lean one way on any issue, I know it, you know it, we all know it, and even if it's hard for us to accept, that's what he has to do, even when it comes to defending Joe Paterno, he has to march lightly. I respect him so much for what he is doing, and if you think he hasn't done anything for the cause, well, like me at one point, you are way out of bounds.

Todd joins the list now making 13 Letterman who played for Joe Paterno that I can confirm that have signed the petition. If you know of any other Letterman who you can ask, please send them an email, send them a tweet, write them a letter, because I know deep down in my heart many more will sign and join us the fans and Alumni in being part of this great cause. Thank you Todd! WE ARE....


Mohrsville PA, December 24th, 2013: Christmas Eve brought with it an early present to all those Nittany faithful who have signed the petition to make Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium. I checked the online petition in the early evening hours and low and behold we had officially made it past yet another milestone, now showing 63,000 who have taken the time to sign and who will be a part of History in the making when we show Honor and Dignity to Joe Paterno for his 61 years of excellence at Penn State.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night. Merry Christmas to my Mom in Heaven, and of course to our dear Joe Pa.


Mohrsville PA, October 24th, 2013: Many are aware that we have decided to keep the online petition open for more people to sign. Since Sue Paterno has signed the petition and is in full support of this great effort we have had a moderate increase in the number of signatures over the course of the past few weeks. Being in true Penn State fashion it is important to let those who might have been hesitant about signing because they felt that maybe Joe Paterno would have never asked for such an honor after his passing.

Truth be told, what man would ask for a field to be named in his honor, none that I can think of, and most definitely it would not be Joe Paterno, but remember this is what the fans want to see happen, this is what many Penn State Alumni want to see happen, likewise former Letterman, Coaches, current players, and some of our newest Board of Trustee Members. This is our gift of Honor and Dignity to a man who has blessed us with over 61 years of giving, and never once has he asked for anything in return, and much like Joe Paterno, we the faithful 62,000 plus aren't asking for anything, we are simply going to give this Honor to Joe Paterno for all that he has done, and to remember it forever and ever.

If Sue Paterno signed and supports this cause, and she feels strongly about this becoming a reality, then who are you to question what Joe wouldn't have wanted. I think this great lady who was married to Joe Pa for all those years knows Joe Paterno much better than anyone else, and I think we owe it to Sue Paterno, and the rest of the Paterno Family to make sure this happens. Strike that, this will happen, mark my words! Spread the word, lets go for a White Out in Happy Valley for Joe!


Mohrsville PA, October 19th, 2013:  Great News, we have reached 61,000 signatures! You have all played an important part in making this goal become a reality. With the addition of gaining Sue Paterno as not only being supportive of this petition, but more importantly becoming a signer on the 17th of October it released almost 1,000 new signers in 24 hours to complete our goal.

I have decided to keep the petition open for a while, yes, that means we will have more than 61,000 signatures to present to the Board of Trustees, but in my view it would be unlike a Penn Stater to close the door on anyone who wants to be a part of History in the making.

The next step of the process is going to be of course presenting the signatures before the Board of Trustees, but this will be no small task, it will take well thought out planning and must consist of having them give me the time to present the plan, and this petition without interruption from a moderator during a 3 minute segment at a regular Board meeting. I will be in contact with Sue Paterno in the near future, and likewise I am in contact and have been since the start of this petition with Scott Paterno, who has helped me through some rough patches when I wasn't sure if we would get to this point. Jay Paterno signed at the Blue/White game in 2012, and I also send him messages every now and then, and he has been a guiding light to me during my mothers fight with pancreatic cancer, and even after she has passed away. It is with Jay's words I have carried on and look at each day with purpose while making sure I am making an positive impact.

Look forward to hearing from me in the near future with an update on the next step in the Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium chapter! Remember, if anyone in your family didn't sign, the petition is still open, and you can still have them sign and become a part of History. God Bless you all, Blake


Mohrsville PA, October 17th, 2013:  When my Mother asked me on the afternoon of January 23rd, 2012 if I have a clear idea of what I was going to undertake I said without hesitation, “yes”, I knew that this was the time to start a petition and push to have the field at Beaver Stadium named after the one man who graced its sidelines for over 61 years. There could be many things to be named in honor of Joe Paterno, and to this day I tell people that come up with a different idea, well, maybe that will happen someday as well, but this is what I came up with and to me what makes the most sense out of any idea as the best way to show honor and dignity to a man who showed that to us during his years in Happy Valley.

The petition took off like ‘John Cappelletti’ charging down the field on his way to rush for one of his many multiple touchdown games that he recorded in 1973. The first day 1,478 people signed the petition, actually that was the first afternoon and evening, followed by 7,752 signers the on January 24th. On January 25th, 11,145 signers had joined the game, and yet again the following day on January 26th, 13,846 more added to the total, and you I’m sure get the picture, this was indeed getting big and drawing not only State wide news attention, but at one point it was on the National news.

January 27th the phone rings, it was my mom, “you know this is great what you are doing son, your father and I are so proud of you, but have you taken the time to get the blessing from the Paterno family, and more to the point from Sue Paterno”? Well, at that time I didn’t reach out to anyone in the Paterno family, one reason was out of respect for what they were going through, so I sought out in another direction at that time, thinking it might be a good idea to get the blessing of the Beaver family, after all James A. Beaver played a major part in Penn State history, as well as our Nations history, and I didn’t want his family to think I was trying to take anything away from them after all of these years. Before I could contact any of the Beaver family, a member of the press beat me to it, and told the Great Grand Son about the petition that I had started and questioned what his thoughts about all of having the field named after Joe Paterno. Thankfully, he said the Beaver family thought it was a wonderful idea, and that it was a great way to honor two great men that did so much for Penn State, and it’s University.

Fending off more calls from my mom during the weeks that followed, I knew she was only partially content with knowing about the Beaver family giving their blessing, but what about the Paterno family, she kept telling me you have to get their approval, otherwise you will keep hearing from some people that would say, “I’m not signing the petition, the Paterno family hasn’t endorsed it and likewise Joe would have never asked for this, he wasn’t that kind of man”. This weighed heavy on my mind, and after some relentless research I finally discovered a way to contact Scott Paterno. I wrote him a simple email telling him who I was, and what I was doing, and I really needed the blessing of the family to go forward with the petition, needless to say I didn’t put in the email that my mom was on my case like Joe Paterno would have been after a bad call from an official. Scott wrote back and though at the time he said the family couldn’t sign the petition, he did say, “If penn staters want to rename the stadium after joe (or as I understand adding “Paterno Field at ” to it) that is a tremendous honor. If it is important to penn staters we have no objection”.

Bingo, my mom was happy, I was happy, and that was all I needed to hear, so it was full steam ahead. We made a trek to the Blue/White game in 2012 to gather additional signatures from those who were there tailgating, and don’t you know while I was taking a break and sitting at a table we had set up and who did I see walking by the midway was non other than Jay Paterno. Well, I’m a big boy, over 6′ tall and around 300 on the scale, but that didn’t stop me as I ran a 40 quicker than a Jack Rabbit and almost knocked Jay over as I had petition in hand and a pen in the other hand. Truth be told my wife beat me to him, as she was walking around and collecting signatures at the time. We now had Jay Paterno on board with his signature, this was one step better then just having the family saying they had no objections, Jay Pa had put on his uniform and entered the game!

In July of 2012, we all know what happened when the ‘Freeh report’ came out, it was like everything that we worked toward was gone in a flash. Many told me it was over, it was a great run, that I had done great things but they felt the petition becoming a reality was never going to happen. I thought the same thing until I read the ‘Freeh report’, then I pulled my self together and said now wait a minute, there is nothing in this report that says Joe was guilty of doing anything wrong, what is going on here. That was the day that I put the petition on ‘HOLD’, and went to work pushing for ‘Due Process’ and doing everything and anything that I could to help right the wrong that had been presented against Joe Paterno. We all stepped up to the plate, and worked endless hours and to this day we continue to fight the good fight, but now we can say without a doubt that we have turned the corner, we have forced a turn over, and we are well on the way to making sure that Joe Paterno crosses that goal line one more time and does it with all the honor and dignity that he has given to us during his lifetime at Penn State.

Flash forward to the first week of June, 2013, I was watching my mother battle against Pancreatic Cancer, and I mean battle, for exactly 7 months to the day she lasted, this being told in November of 2012 that she had at best 2 to 4 weeks to live. During the final months my mother and I talked about Joe Paterno, she read the book, as well as I did, and we both cried while discussing it. During one of the final days leading of my mothers life, as she lay on her bed at home she looked at me and said, “I want you to make me a promise, you have to make sure you finished what you started”. I didn’t understand at first, I said what are you talking about mom?, and she said, “your petition, get it going once again, and make sure it happens, make an impact, make a difference”.

Her passing on June 15th, 2013 took the wind out of me, and if it wasn’t for my family, and extended family on facebook which is made up of school mates, Penn Staters, fellow racing friends and more I don’t think I could have made it through this dark and very depressing time. Jay Paterno sent me a private message, with words that I will hold close to my heart forever, and that helped me with realizing that I needed to get going again, and do what my mom had asked of me, and to make an impact.

September of 2013 the petition was put back into full motion, seeking the 61,000 signatures for 61 years of excellence to honor Joe Paterno. I knew right then I had to get in contact with Scott Paterno once again. I sent him an email asking if he was ready to sign the petition, and he sent back a reply, “let me sleep on it”, I will talk with my mom and I will get back to you. I thought how big would it be to finally get Sue Paterno to sign the petition, it would be awesome, I could imagine my mom giving me a hug, and crying at the same time.

Well, fast forward once again, if you thought like I did that the homecoming game against Michigan was one of the greatest comeback victories of all time, and yes it was and will always be a true Penn State moment, well then I have another great moment in Penn State History to share with all of you.

Sue Paterno has signed the online petition to make ‘Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium’!!  I cannot be anymore happy than I am, this is a dream come true, and this says volumes to those who still had doubt that ‘Joe Paterno’ wouldn’t have wanted this, or have asked for this. I have told everyone from the start, Joe would have never asked for the field to be named after him, after all, what man would! This is what we the people, the fans, the previous Alumni, past and present day players, and anyone else who loved what Joe Paterno stood for, and all the great things he has provided us with for all of these years is our way of showing him honor and dignity. It’s what we want, we want to hear the Paterno name at every Saturday home game from now and forever, we are asking for this, and we will make sure it gets put into place, and those 61,000 signatures will become a part of Penn States storied history.

Thank you Sue Paterno for signing the petition, you are and continue to be a shinning light for everyone during this difficult time at Penn State. I hope that this will open the flood gates and the signatures will once again start rolling in. It’s time to sign your name if you haven’t already and join Sue Paterno because you don’t want to miss being a part of the 61,000 that will make history when we attend the first game played at ‘Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium’.  Sue Is………….. Penn State