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I am happy to announce the addition of the film project 365 Days A Year In Happy Valley page to the Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium website. I have been in direct contact with Eric Porterfield, who is the Writer/Producer for the film 365 Days A Year In Happy Valley. I am supporting this project, and will do whatever I can to get the word out about the film. I have copied and pasted below from the 365 website what this film is all about, please take the time to read about this project, and then watch several trailers for the film below, and most of all please support their efforts!

About Us: 365 Days in not an analysis of innocence or guilt, fair or unfair. It is a look into the science of how perfectly reasonable human beings are capable of being unreasonable to the point of carelessness. The film walks away from absolutes and seeks to understand why we allow ourselves to be conformists, why we follow the unreasoned thought, why we join cults and commit ourselves to a destructive path, even when we are conscious of doing so. The film uses a study on human conformity as its framework and, in an effort to draw a wider range of viewers, takes a critical look at when and how the ‘herd mentality’ is commonly formed and destroyed.

All the while, the film watches Happy Valley and the town of State College for the period of one year, beginning with the kickoff of the 2012 football season, watching the town and its people embrace the best qualities of the human spirit. In the end, the film aims to show how people from all backgrounds, galvanized by tragic events, can do great things.

The film will be Invitation Only Red Carpet Premiered December 27th, 2013, in State College and then at select locations in various States. Visit the website for the latest updates on times and locations. Please click below to watch the "Spring 2013 Trailer", and the 4 other video presentations.



365 Days


Fall Trailer 2012


Vignette 1


What is "365 Days"


Vignette 2


A Note from Eric & Erik


Vignette 3


Joe Humphries